Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Senior Citizens

With age comes knowledge, but also aching and painful joints. For many senior citizens, the greatest physical complaint is back and/or neck pain. If you are among the aging population and dealing with this type of pain, chiropractic treatment could be the answer you have been looking for.

Beyond pain relief, the right chiropractic treatment offers a number of additional benefits for seniors including:

  • Improved Mobility – Increased range of motion is a benefit of chiropractic care. Not only does this pertain to the neck and back but includes all joints of the body (e.g. shoulders, hips, knees, etc.). 
  • Better Coordination and Balance – As individuals become older, risk of falling increases which can lead to damaging outcomes such as bone fractures in the hip and/or low back. Chiropractic care utilizes a variety of treatment techniques to improve coordination and balance in senior citizens to help avoid any detrimental falls.
  • Improved Strength – With age, muscle wasting occurs at a faster rate, and thus decreased overall strength. Chiropractors are able to prescribe appropriate rehabilitative exercises that will help strengthen weak and inactive muscles.
  • Managed Bone Density Levels – After our first three decades of life, our bone density levels begin to diminish. Once entering the 50-60 year old mark, bone density can begin to drop significantly, especially in females. Chiropractic care has multiple ways to aid you in managing your bone density levels in order to help prevent any weak and fragile bones from developing.
  • Overall Improved Health – The right chiropractic treatment promotes better overall health. Whether it be improved strength, mobility, balance, coordination, or well managed bone density levels, a chiropractor can help their elderly clients feel better and live healthier lives. 

Dr. Marc DiNardo, BSc, DC
Toronto Chiropractor & Medical Acupuncture Provider

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